When you buy a machine from MachinesWale, it’s not just a sale - it’s a partnership.

Machineswale.com is India’s leading online marketplace for machinery. More than 10 categories have in excess of 1000 machines on our platform. Over 10000 yearly visitors are converted to sales. MachinesWale is available all over India. Since 2016, MachinesWale has been growing profitably every year and is continuously reinforcing its team at its headquarters.

As a digital company, we are using state-of-the-art technology and data-driven solutions for our trading operations to ensure the best possible market prices for our buyers. We also offer customized services specially developed for the different types of applications throughout India. We provide full-service logistics including preparation, loading, transport, installation, and demo of the machines. 


Product Selection:

We are committed to sourcing new and innovative products from the world’s leading manufacturers and agencies. We’re constantly evaluating and improving our product range so as to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products at affordable prices.

    Quality Assurance: 

  MachinesWale personally inspects each machine at its large warehouse facility before despatching to customers for quality         assurance.


            Expert Advice:

           Our qualified staff have years of experience and are always willing to assist you when choosing the right  machine for your needs.

You can be sure you’re in safe hands when you partner with MachinesWale!

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